Current special international courses at the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (HSWT) in Agri-Educational Centre Triesdorf
 (with translation in different languages)

 - Agricultural Economics & Management
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 - Herd management (cattle), milk production (HM)
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 - Agronomy, forage production & evaluation
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 - Cheese production & milk processing
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 - Pig Farming & Management
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 - Poultry Farming & Management
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 - Drones & modern sensor technology in agriculture
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 - Fruit processing & Marketing
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 - Regional management & rural development
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we offer international training and further education courses in the agricultural sector in various formats. In addition to face-to-face events, online offers are a focal point of knowledge transfer. Various media are used for this purpose (blended learning).

Our lecturers are trained in the handling and use of these media and can therefore respond individually and flexibly to course requirements. We offer extensive training in German as a foreign language from level A1 to C1 for the training of foreign students by qualified personnel. Lecturers with many years of international experience ensure the successful training of participants at a higher level. Learning progress is regularly monitored through interaction and examinations.

Our strengths:

  •  Many years of experience as a language teacher* in the field of: "German as a foreign language" at all levels A1-C2
  • Orientation towards the later study content (agricultural sciences)
  • Strong media skills: Blended learning experience with Moodle, ZOOM, Skype
  • Interactive language teaching via zoom
  • Independent creation of instructional videos with H5P interactive applications
  • Preparation of teaching materials for online processing
  • Regular monitoring of the learning progress
  • Intercultural experience with foreign partners worldwide
  • Flexibility in changing and adapting the infrastructure abroad

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