Current special courses in
Agri-Educational Centre Triesdorf
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- Agrarian economy
 20-27. Oct. 2019
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- Cattle herd management
 10-17. Nov. 2019
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 -  Arable farming and forage-crop production
  March 2020
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 - Special professional course for vets and  inseminators
  March 2020

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 - Pig farming
  April 2020
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Companies are faced with tough international competition. The knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the own production is essential for proper business decisions. We analyse agricultural production processes and provide key data for classification of competitiveness.

Typical instruments are the partial and full cost accounting, balance sheet analysis and SWOT method.

For dairies, information about expected supply of raw materials and the expected costs is of major importance . We are analyzing the development of the expected production volumes through innovative survey methods.

The data collection and analyses of potential relate to:

  •   Analysis of current status
  •   Situation in the dairy market
  •   Risks and opportunities in the dairy market
  •   Creation of potential analyses
  •   Creation of sustainability concepts

Our partners:

   Dairy Hohenlohe, Dairy BMI

Image Gallery of data collection and analyses by our partners: 

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